The Cheerful Austin Christmas Dragon

Pinned on May 13, 2013 at 12:32 am by Dale Turner

The Cheerful Austin Christmas Dragon

It was a great PhotoWalk in Austin last night! Remember to tag your photos with #gplusaustin — and click around to see some stuff. We had over 100 sign up on plancast, and it got pretty crazy because a lot of people brought friends and family. It was a lot of fun to meet people.

We had one guy come in from South Africa, a gal Karen Hutton come in from California, and many more from all around the Texas area. Everyone we very nice and fun as usual.

I had an autographed 2012 calendar to give away, but I forgot! Sorry that was lame of me… I had it on the floorboard of my car and everything, but with getting the kids out and everything, I forgot – you know how it is.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


Alshmemri Photography's says:

Magnificent, Wonderful capture with beautiful scene my friend.

brian.ball60 says:

wow :)

Boris Mitendorfer Photography says:

Well captured light arrangement, Trey.

Texas Tongs says:

Very nice work. I have not seen the dragon. Got to go check it out one day.

/the DON/ says:

wow!! sick decors!!

trishhartmann says:


shutterbroke-on and off due to computer crash says:

Maan, talk about intense Christmas lights!

Nik-On! says:

Lovely shot! Nice light and colors!

Out Of Chicago says:

Someone put some time into that. Nice photo, too.

frorf says:

only if there was snow

♫ Lion ♫ says:


Indyman09 says:

Madness! :p

Edwinjones says:

Beautiful scene and colors, nice and seasonal

∃Scape says:

Santa Claus trade its deer for christmas dragon? I guess it will carry faster delivery lol :)

smiles7 says:


Ido Gur says:


Lil a.k.a. XaosQueen (Queen of Chaos) says:

Oh! Wowza!

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