Portable Wooden Walkways-Set of 2 – Improvements

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Portable Wooden Walkways-Set of 2 – Improvements

Portable Wooden Walkways provide portable protection for your lawn, rolls out where you need it and stores easily when you are done. Portable Wooden Walkways prevent you from sinking in the mud when you are working in the garden. The flexible design of our backyard walkways enable them to conform to any ground contour. Backyard walkways are also perfect for damp basements to get boxes off the floor. Portable Backyard Walkways Protect Your Lawn and Prevent Muddy Feet Our temporary wooden backyard walkways roll out to prevent ruts wherever and whenever you need them. Portable Wooden Walkways are perfect for working in a rain soaked garden, protecting your yard from wheelbarrow ruts and making wheelchair access easier. Every 36″ length of our Portable Wooden Walkway is 17-3/4″ wide and has 21 slats… drainage spacers make it flexible enough for any ground contour, and help prevent lawn damage. These backyard walkways are flexible and conform to any ground contour and help prevent lawn damage. Use the Portable Wooden Walkway to protect your grass during truck deliveries or heavy wheelbarrow usage. When your work is finished, these backyard walkways roll up and store easily. Consider using these backyard walkways in a damp basement to keep boxes off the floor. Order our backyard walkways and receive two 36″ long Portable Wooden Walkways for a total coverage of 72″. Benefits of Our Portable Wooden Walkways:

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